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Healing the Planet

Tree-by-Tree; Shrub-by-Shrub

A Green India Initiative involving active citizen participation, to raise true-native forests, by mimicking nature!

JanAranya afforestation program, a key initiative by Green India, draws inspiration from the pioneering works of Veteran Botanist & Forest ecologist Dr. Akira Miyawaki; as well as the works of Shri Shubhendu Sharma, founder of Afforestt.

Features of JanAranya

In Contrast to Conventional Methods of Afforestation


30x Denser

100x Biodiverse

10x Growth


An 11-year long, engaging plantation drive along the route - and , around either banks - of the river; with a dream of creating a necklace of trees (Vrikshmaal) around mother Ganga!

...In Association with our esteemed & inspiring partner, Atulya Ganga

Whys, Whats, and Hows of Vrikshamaal


The area along the course of river Ganga, has a disastrous green-cover, at <2%, as against 16% in Ganga basin and 24%, nationally.

And, it houses the top 10 most polluted cities, globally!

Our Answer

We have started doing our bit by planting endemic and high longevity trees in a way that meaningfully engages the citizens, and raising awareness - primarily among youth - along the entire course of the River.


Mass-engagement, care-fully picked spots and guardians, and a tech-driven platform for building a rich database with geo-tagging, pictures,, contact details,; and regular monitoring, are the main pillars of our success.


Let Celebrations get a dash of Green! ...or, maybe a splash of it!

An Initiative targetted at making plantation a part of all life-events, celebrations & festivals

अपनी साँसें खुद उपजाएँ - हर अवसर पर पेड़ लगाएँ

What we offer...

Plots & Plants

Tools & Labour



An Initiative, involving educatioal institutions and students; to make raising a tree an integral, fun, and fulfilling part of curriculum.

In Taarunya, our own version of ''Catch 'em Young", we have built an end-to-end mechanism for encouraging & enabling the education institutions in making tree plantation an integral part of the curriculum, with ease.

As many Students .... As Many Trees

The dream is -

To have the saplings graduate to treedom

- as the students gradute the class!

Taarunya rides on an automated platform for tracking the sapling growth, including geotagged photography, report & certificate generation!

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