Vrikshamaal - a necklace of trees - is a citizen-centric initiative aimed at promoting dense vegetation along the entire routes - and, around either banks - of the rivers.

Ganga Vrikshamaal Abhiyaan

गंगा वृक्षमाल अभियान

An 11-year-long Plantation Movement, involving the local population and native tree species;

Along & around the River Ganga

From Gaumukh to Ganga Sagar; and back to Gaumukh!

Covering a total stretch of 5000+ km

In Association with our Inspiring Partner, Atulya Ganga

Why Vrikshamaal?

Contrary to seemingly obvious assumptions, the Ganga Basin is reeling under acute environmental stress due to severely depleted Green Cover!

Only 16% area of Ganga Basin is blessed with forest/tree cover against the national average of roughly 24%. More importantly - and, pretty alarmingly - in the area directly along the course of the river, the green-cover situation turns into a disaster, at barely 1-2% of the total area.

And, Yes! the cities with the worst air quality, globally, belong to our very own Ganga Basin!

This needs urgent attentionand, an immediate intervention!

Vrikshamaal Highlights

At the very core of this initiative, lies our focus on ensuring environmental suitability, survivability, and longevity. We select endemic and long-lasting species, such as -

Neem, Peepul, Banyan, Arjun, Gular, Shisham, Sagwan, Mango, Guava, Aamla, Jamun, Mahua, Imli, etc.

Whereas, in the hilly terrain of Uttarakhand, the main tree species planted are - Chir, Deodar, Oak, Sal, etc.

Vrikshamaal - Tree Species

Species - Hills

Species - Plains

Species - Delta

Vrikshamaal - Components

Public Enagement

An awareness and engagement program is run throughout the abhiyaan. The promise and the enthusiasm witnessed at schools, colleges and NCC/NSS gatherings affirms our hope in the next generation and encourages us to dream of a greener, cleaner, and sustainable tomorrow.

Plantation Spots

Each sapling was planted at suitable locations along the route. The preferred spots were -

Schools, colleges, places of worship, community complexes, appropriate locations on the river bank, etc.

Tech-enabled Management

A dedicated volunteer guardian is appointed for each sapling. Each plantation is photo-documented along with geotagging and guardian details.

A tech-enabled mechanism is used for engaging such volunteers and to capture the progress of each plant.