Invite Nature to Your Party...

...Add Lasting Colours to your Life-events!

A Green India initiative targeted at making plantation a part of all life-events, celebrations & festivals

Let Celebrations get a dash of Green!

...or, maybe, a splash of it!

Green India is eager to help you in doing that, in every way possible...

अपनी साँसें खुद उपजाएँ - हर अवसर पर पेड़ लगाएँ

Do it Yourself


Reach out to Us!

If you are up to it, we encourage you to plant and raise the saplings yourself. It's, truly, an enriching & rewarding experience! Reach out to us if you need guidance or if your wish is to rather have us do it on your behalf.

What we offer...

Well, we have tried to pretty much remove the acceptance barrier by ensuring that our team, infra & volunteers are, seamlessly, able to take care of the entire cycle - from procurement to monitoring - to the very last bit.

Awesome! To make nature a welcome guest at your life events, all you need to do is - to wish it.

Plots & Plants

Tools & Labour



What Occasions are fit for it?

Well, if it's an occasion, it's just right for a sapling to join you!

Each one of those special moments- from Arrival to Departure!

Child Birth


Start of School